Thank you to our heroes.

NC DONA LTC – celebrating 25 years of education, service, and professionalism.

Our mission is to EDUCATE, SERVE AND COMMUNICATE to advance the professionalism of long-term care.

Continued Education Advancement and Inter-professional Collaboration

We EDUCATE by offering continuing education to our members and others who work in long term.

Strong Belief in Community Service, Integrity, Diversity and Inclusion

We SERVE by providing opportunities for scholarships to further the careers of professionals in long-term care.

Dedication to Providing Exceptional Service and Customer Experiences

We COMMUNICATE by providing quarterly updates by newsletters, meetings, web information and networking with peers at the local, state and national level.

Our Focus

We are the North Carolina chapter of the National Association of Directors of Nursing, ( NCDONA LTC, Inc.). Our focus is long-term care, post-acute care, and assisted living. We believe that caring compassion and continuously educated individuals will promote exemplary quality care to the geriatric community.

Nursing, LTC Certifications and Education

For more information on resources for continuing education, certifications, and additional educational opportunities, please refer to the National NADONA website at